Journey of an Irish Dancer

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Welcome to my blog, Journey of an Irish dancer! Here I will talk about my crazy dance life!

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Milwaukee Feis and McMenamin Feis review

Last weekend I competed at the Milwaukee Feis and McMenamin Feis. This was my fourth time going to these competitions. Each year I quite I enjoy going to them. I like the venue and I like the way it's run.... Continue Reading →

Dance Recital 2017

Well school is over and everything is winding down so I am hoping to get caught up on blog posts again. I have 3 feis reviews yet to write and other dance things to write about. Today I will be... Continue Reading →

Wisconsin Spring Feis and Celtic Spirit Feis Review

This past weekend I attended a double feis In Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The first day was Wisconsin Spring and the second day was Celtic Spirit. These competitions always happen the first full weekend in may. I love these competitions and look... Continue Reading →

What is a Feis and How Does it Work?

So, many people may be confused when I, or another Irish dancer says the term "feis." So what is a feis, you might ask. You pronounce it like you would mesh. So if it looked the way you say it,... Continue Reading →

What I Keep in my Dance Bag for Competitions

I have a feis this weekend and have to make a checklist for what I need anyway, so I thought I would just share with you what I put in my dance bag for competition on a normal basis. Main... Continue Reading →

The Journey So Far…

I started Irish dance when I was nine years old. I have been in love with it from the start. Before Irish dance I had tried many different activities, but none of them really felt right to me. I tried... Continue Reading →

My top 10 favorite Competitions

I compete quite frequently and over the years the number of competitions I have been to has increased. I have acquired some favorites over the years and I have made a list of my top 10. #10: The Albany Feis... Continue Reading →

Things Irish Dancers know to be True

Sometimes I find myself saying really perfectly normal things that my friends outside of dance might find a little weird. So I have compiled a list of these things Irish dancers know to be true and decided to make a... Continue Reading →

Taking a Break

For me taking a break is the hardest part of dance. A couple of weeks ago I had to make the tough decision to take a break from dance after St. Patrick's Day. I thought because it was my choice... Continue Reading →

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