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Welcome to my blog, Journey of an Irish dancer! Here I will talk about my crazy dance life!

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Greater St. Louis Feis 2018: Review

Last weekend I attended a feis I have never attended before. This was the Greater St. Louis Feis in St. Louis, MO. This feis accompanies the Missouri State Championship feis. I did not attend the feis on Saturday, but based on my experience from the feis on Sunday, I would love to come back in... Continue Reading →

Badger State and Cream City Feis Review-2018

This past weekend I competed at the Badger State and Cream City Feiseanna in Milwaukee, WI. These competitions were held at the Pettit National Ice center. Overall my experience at this feis was pretty decent. Things I Liked: Saturday: Results were posted quickly It moved quickly and efficiently and we were out by 1:30 Sunday:... Continue Reading →

I am Back

Hello! It has been a while since I posted. With school ending, exams happening, and competition season picking up, this blog has fallen to the back burner. However, I would really love to get it going again. Not just dance posts, but with more aspects about my life as well. I am excited to see... Continue Reading →

Please Vote for Me!

Hello! I have entered into a contest for a chance to win 20 custom track suit jackets for my dance class. There is also a chance to win the people's choice prize. That winner will receive 20 custom short sleep zip jig tees. Voting is only open for Facebook users. So if you have a... Continue Reading →

West Virginia Feis 2018 Reveiw

Last weekend I attended the West Virginia feis in Pittsburgh, PA. Overall, my experience was pretty mixed. There were some things I liked and thought were done pretty well. However there were a few things I did not care for. Things I liked: So, as for the things I did like. It was well run.... Continue Reading →

The Irish Dance Tag

I did this on Instagram at some point last year, but I thought I'd go ahead and do it here too. This way I can see if my answers have changed in a year, and I can make them longer with explanations. If you want to follow my Instagram I have an Irish dance only... Continue Reading →

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