Hello to whomever may be reading this!

Welcome to My Blog:

In this blog I plan to post about my experiences through dance. I would also like to post about general Irish dance information. Another thing I will be doing is posting feis reviews, reviewing the venue, prices for food, and how it was run overall.

About me:

I have been dancing for about eight years now. I dance for the Quinn School of Irish Dance. I compete in the mid-america region. As of right now I am competing in all prizewinner dances except for my reel. I compete anywhere from 15 to 20 times a year. My favorite dance is hornpipe and my least favorite is light jig.  Aside from dance, I enjoy singing, sewing, and writing. I also love Disney, Hamilton, and Harry Potter.

I am looking forward to starting this blog as a way to document my dance life and Irish dance in general.