A Typical Feis Day

I feis 15-20 times every year. In doing so I have developed a sort of routine that I follow at almost every single feis I go to. Of course I don’t follow it exactly every time because each feis is different. However I do like to have a certain feeling of uniform and routine at each competition.

When I wake up mostly depends on two things 1) when the feis starts and 2) whether we are staying at a hotel or not. Most of the time we do stay in a hotel because many of the competitions in my region are not within reasonable driving distance. Competitions tend to start anywhere from 8:00-8:30. So most of the time I will wake up around 6:30. However, if we drive up the morning of I might wake up at 5:30 at the earliest.

After waking up I check my phone and wait until the last possible second to get out of bed. If I am staying at a hotel I will get up and do my hair and make up. If we are driving to the feis I will do my hair and make up in the car or at the feis venue. I typically put my wig on first then my make up. Then a lot of the time I will go and eat breakfast.

Once I am at the competition I don’t like talking to anyone. Usually I try to find a place to listen to my music and warm-up a bit. This is because I tend to get anxious before I dance and I don’t like talking to anyone or it makes me more nervous. Listening to music helps relax me, but it also helps get me energized. My favorite songs to listen to before I dance are Shut up and Dance, Unstoppable, Victorious, and Titanium. I also like to Stretch and jump around a bit to get warmed up.

After stages start I usually have to wait a while before I dance. My reel tends to be my first dance and usually it is one of the first on the stage. After I dance my reel I usually have to wait a while to dance in my prizewinner competitions. During that time I usually play on my phone, stretch and get warmed up again, and walk around and explore the venue. After I start dancing again it seems to go fairly quickly. Afterwards I’ll check my results and pack up.

That’s pretty much my typical day in terms of competition. I love competing even though it can be a bit stressful at times and keeping this basic structure has really helped me feel less stressed out at a feis.




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