Lavin-Cassidy Feis (Friday and Saturday)

Over the Weekend I competed at the Lavin-Cassidy feis on both Friday and Saturday, and I have to say this might be one of the better competitions I have been to so far.

Many of my likes and dislikes will be similar for both days because it was pretty much the same feis, but I will try not to repeat myself too much.


The Friday feis was definitely my favorite feis out of the two and quite possibly might have made its way to the top of my list of my favorite feis overall.

The Friday night feis was a black-out feis and this is my favorite type of feis.

LC feis (Friday)

What I liked about this feis:

  • It started at 4:30
  • It was all Black
  • No wigs
  • It was run fairly smoothly
  • Judges were changed frequently
  • Stages were well labeled and the stage hands  were on top of things.
  • Competitions were combined well

What I disliked about this feis:

  • There was not much space in the ballroom and it became very crowded very quickly.
  • The stages were too spread out and far away from results and vendors.

I do know the things I disliked the feis could not help, but it’s just my opinion.


The Saturday feis was also very well run. On Saturday were back to dresses and wigs. I actually don’t mind wearing this, but I will always choose all black and my hair in a ponytail or down over my dress and my wig.

What I liked about this feis:

  • I was done dancing by noon, this was nice but it also had a downside. I will elaborate on this in a moment.
  • The stage volunteers were nice and very efficient
  • Judges rotated often

While I was done dancing by noon the stages were moving way too quickly. The schedule said to be there a half hour before your estimated start time, which I was, but I still almost missed my dance and the other girl I was supposed to be dancing with did miss the dance. They were running closer to 40 minutes ahead which led it to be very  chaotic and too many girls were missing their dances.

What I disliked about this feis:

  • Competitions were not combined well. I will elaborate on this.
  • Competitions began at 7:30. For most competitions this is when the doors and registration open. I didn’t have to be at my stage until 8:30, but I still feel 7:30 is too early for a feis to start.
  • Ballroom was even more crowded than Friday and it was harder to move around

So on Friday night the competitions were well combined. However they changed what competitions would be dancing on what stages so they didn’t combine my competition down to the u14 competition like it was the first day. Usually both days the stages keep the same structure so all of the competitions are usually the same. They combined my competition with another competition that had no people in it. So my dance only had two people in it. If you know Irish dance, then you know that you have to have five people for your first place to actually count. And another girl in the o16 category danced by herself the entire day. This would not have bothered me as much if the syllabus did not say that every effort would be made to combine dances with less than five people. I don’t understand why they didn’t keep the same competitions on the stages like the first day. However this was really my only big issue with the feis. Other than this the two feis were wonderful and so well run.


Both competitions were held at the Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva, WI. The resort was lovely. It was very spread out though which meant the stages were also very spread out. It was a bit inconvenient, but that was just the way it was. What was nice about this was the feis was right inside the hotel. Hotels are probably my favorite venue for a feis to be held in.

This particular hotel was extremely family friendly. There were 2 or 3 different restaurants, a pool, and there was also a another hotel that was an indoor water park. My mom and I stayed at the main resort. This would be a good feis for families to come to.

Side note: This has nothing to do with the feis, but the mirror in the bathroom in our hotel room had a television in it. That was the coolest thing ever.


I don’t have much to say on this as I did not buy anything from the food vendors except for a candy bar. There was a food vendor near each group of stages and they were both the same except one was serving alcohol. They were selling things like bagels, muffins and fruit during breakfast time. And for lunch, or in Friday’s case, dinner, they were selling things like salads and sandwiches. The snacks they were selling were chocolate bars and bags of chips. I forgot to look at the prices for everything, but I know I paid around $4-$5 for two candy bars. For where the feis was being held, I do not think the prices were unreasonable, but I would recommend  bringing your own snacks because there was not a lot of variety.


I quite liked this feis and I definitely want to go back. I highly recommend signing up for this competition next time.


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  1. I enjoyed reading about your feis experience!! I used to dance when I was younger and it sounds like a lot has changed. We didn’t have black-out feis’ and I don’t think in all my years of dancing they were ever running AHEAD of schedule!!

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