The St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Hooley for Healing

It’s March Madness! No, I am not talking about basketball. I am an Irish dancer and for me March Madness is dance performances. This weekend’s performances were the Kalamazoo St. Patrick’s day Parade and the Hooley for Healing cancer benefit.

Kalamazoo St. Patrick’s Day Parade:

I must say the parade tends to be my favorite event of the year. Even though it was really cold this year, that didn’t stop us from having a good time.

I love the parade because there is not much seriousness that goes into it. Yes, we have to look well put together and like we know what we are doing, but it’s always more about having fun. It’s nice because we don’t have to wear our dresses. Instead we wear our Quinn School of Irish Dance gear and tennis shoes. Of course we also wear our wigs and crowns. Some people also get really into the St. Patrick’s day spirit  and wear beads, stickers and other things to make them look festive. We dance our jig steps along the parade route and everyone has a good time.

Hooley for Healing:

Hooley for Healing is a cancer benefit organized by my dance instructor and a couple other people. The definition of Hooley pretty much translates to  Irish party. And that is exactly what this is. There is food, raffles, live bands, and, of course, Irish dancing. This year there was a spud race, that was definitely interesting. The Hooley can be a bit overwhelming, but I love hanging out and messing around with my friends backstage. The Hooley is one of my favorite events each year.

I don’t have any photos from the Hooley, but I do have a couple of videos.

This is a treble reel a couple of my friends and I performed.

This is the treble reel all of the dancers who were at the Hooley performed.

I Love these two events so much and I cannot wait until next year.

Excited for another fun weekend of dancing coming up.


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