My top 10 favorite Competitions

I compete quite frequently and over the years the number of competitions I have been to has increased. I have acquired some favorites over the years and I have made a list of my top 10.

#10: The Albany Feis

Albany, NY

I moved a few years ago so I don’t go to this feis anymore. But I quite enjoyed going to this one. The last time I went to this feis was in 2012. This Feis was great because they would play the music for all of the stages at the same time and competitions would run concurrently. This made it run efficiently and I would be done dancing fairly quickly. I would definitely go back to this feis

#9: Detroit International Feis

Detroit, MI

I don’t necessarily like this feis because of the feis itself, but I like it because all of my friends go to this one. Usually I am the only one going to competitions from my school. If there is anything I love more than competing, it’s being able to support my friends and cheer them on. As for the competition itself, it’s okay. That’s why this is closer to the end of my list.

#8: Feis at the Beach

Wild Wood, NJ

I would have put this one higher on my list, but I don’t go to this one anymore as well because of the distance. So I haven’t been to this Feis since 2013. But I absolutely loved this Feis. It was on the beach and it started later than most feises normally do. Both years I went I probably didn’t begin dancing until noon or one. This meant I got to sleep in and not wake up at 6 in the morning. There were hotels right across from the venue so all you had to do was walk across the street to get there. I would go back to this Feis in a heartbeat.

#7: Mullane Godley Feis

McCook, IL

This feis is formerly known as the MHG feis. I like this feis for many reasons. The first year I went, I did not particularly care for this feis, but I actually quite like this one now. Depending on traffic it is only about two and a half hours from my house. This feis is also really well done. They have it down to a rhythm so it runs fairly smoothly. The only downside to this feis is that it is split up by level and not dance, but that won’t be much of a problem for me when I get my last novice dance moved to prizewinner.

#6: Wisconsin Winter Feis

I liked this feis because of where it was held. It was held in a hotel which also happened to be the hotel we were staying at. The feis was split into 2 parts. Younger kids danced the first part of the day and older kids danced the second part of the day. That meant I got to sleep in. Well later than 6 in the morning. It is a well run feis and there was a major accident that happened this year and the feis volunteers and the hotel staff handled it really well. Also when I went to this feis I went with a friend and it was one of the most fun feis experiences I’ve had.

#5: Wisconsin Spring Feis

Milwaukee, WI

I love the venue of this feis. It is an a convention center and does not feel crowded like many feises do. The stages are well spread which makes the music easier to hear. The stage hands also know what they are doing and they help make the feis run even smoother. I also love that the hotel is right across from the venue.

 #4: Celtic Spirit Feis

Milwaukee, WI

This feis is the second day alongside the Wisconsin Spring Feis. So I like this feis because of the venue and atmosphere as well. However, I also like this feis because it starts with hard shoe first instead of soft shoe. I personally like this because usually by the time we get to hard shoe it has been a long day and that just sucks a lot out of you. So usually the soft shoe steps are the best while the hard shoe sort of lags. Doing it first thing in the day gives your hard shoe steps time to shine as well.

#3: Dubh Agus Ban Feis

McCook, IL

I love this feis! It is a black and white feis. That means no wigs and no dresses. Just a black or white top, black bottoms, dance socks, and dance shoes. It probably takes 15 minutes for me to get ready for this feis and that means I can sleep in. I also like that you have to strictly be judged on you dancing. Unfortunately, sometimes you are also judged by how you look as well as your dancing. So when everyone is wearing black and white it looks uniform.

#2: Halloween Feis

McCook, IL

Now, this is a fun feis. You just get to dress up in your Halloween costume and dance. Again, no dresses and no wigs. I think being able to dress up takes the intensity out of a dance competition. This feis is all about fun. Yes, it is still a competition, but everyone still has fun with it. It’s so cool to see all of the creative costumes everyone has on. I love the playful and fun atmosphere of this feis.

#1: Lavin Cassidy Friday Feis

Lake Geneva, WI

This is the feis that knocked the Halloween feis down to #2. There are so many things I love about this feis. For one, it is a black and white feis and does not require dresses or wigs. I also love that it is held in a hotel. But my most favorite thing about this feis is that is held in the afternoon. It doesn’t start until around 4:30 in the afternoon. For some people, this might not be the best option because it is held on a Friday because they have to come from school. However, I am home schooled and don’t have to do that. I have the day to prepare myself and relax before I dance. I felt having this feis in the afternoon helped me dance better. I felt it was the best I have danced at a feis in a really long time.

I feis a lot and I know there might be more in the future to add to this list.



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