Wisconsin Spring Feis and Celtic Spirit Feis Review

This past weekend I attended a double feis In Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The first day was Wisconsin Spring and the second day was Celtic Spirit. These competitions always happen the first full weekend in may. I love these competitions and look forward to them every year. I was going to make this two separate posts, but I felt they might have been too similar.

Likes and Dislikes

Wisconsin Spring Feis:

What I liked about this feis:

  • Well organized
  • Good updates and problem solving: 4 of the judges flights were canceled the night before due to weather, but the organizers of the feis made sure to let everyone know. They were also able to find 2 or 3 other judges who happened to be in town for other reasons.
  • Fairly quick-paced
  • combined dances

What I disliked about this feis:

  • Stages were really close together
  • Really loud and hard to move around
    • I will explain both of these when I talk about the venue

Celtic Spirit Feis:

What I liked about this feis:

  • Efficient and good at problem solving.
    • I will elaborate below
  • Stage hands were on top of it
  • Started with hard shoe first

So as I said this feis was good at problem solving. Towards the end my stage had started to fall behind while other stages were finishing up. In order to get everyone out in a timely manner the stage hands were planning which dances were moving to. Many feises try to handle this situation and do not do a great job at it. However, this feis handled it well and was good at notifying dancers that their comps were moving.

What I disliked about this feis:

  • Same as I mentioned for the feis the day before.

So I don’t really have many dislikes when it comes to these competitions. As I have mentioned in a previous post,  these competitions are in my top ten.


Both competitions were held at the Milwaukee Convention center in downtown Milwaukee, WI. The convention center is fairly big. Vendors are conveniently located right outside the main competition room so they were easy to find and to get to. Speaking of vendors, there were a variety of them and if you needed something dance related at least one of them probably had it. The results were also posted in the same room where the competitions were being held.

The main competition room was a nice big space, but I had some issues with it. In previous years there used to be a whole other side of the convention center open. I do understand that there was something else going on. However, this made it crowded and very loud. It was hard to move to get from where ever your campsite was to your stage. There was also very limited camping. If the stages were positioned differently and camping was allowed in more areas it could have been a better situation.


My opinion on the food here is bring your own unless you want to pay almost $15 for just a hot dog and a pretzel. The food isn’t awful, but I highly suggest bringing snacks for throughout the day. The food is just ridiculously priced.  On the syllabus, it says no outside food, but no one really listens. Just don’t bring a cooler or anything like that. To give you an idea of pricing one hot dog with a bag of lays potato chips is $6.25. This does not include a drink and there is no option to not get the chips. There were two other booths this year too smoothie booth and a Cousin’s Subs booth. If you are going to spend money at the feis on food of some sort, buy the smoothies. They are really good, expensive, but good. The smoothies also come at different sizes, which means different price points. I’d rather spend money on a smoothie that I would probably not get somewhere else, than a hot dog that I could by a package of the same brand for probably less than the price that they were charging for a single hot dog. I should say this is nothing against the feis because this is venue pricing and has nothing to do with the feis itself.


All that aside, I really do love these competitions. I look forward to them every year and I will hopefully be going back to them next year.


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