What I am Looking Forward to In 2018: Dance

There are so many dance related things I am looking forward to in 2018. I have gathered a small list of what I know is coming up for me in terms of dance this year. Upcoming Competitions I am so excited to start competing this year and definitely more so than usual. I have been... Continue Reading →


Dance Memories

I have so many amazing memories from my many years of dancing. I think I am going to make this a series of posts because there are so many good ones. In each post I will feature 2-3 of my favorite dance moments. #1: Getting my first 1st place in Novice In 2015 I got... Continue Reading →

New Blog!

Hello there! My name is Catherine, I am a high school student and I craft and sew. A lot. I have been a very crafty and creative person since I was little. I have always been experimenting and trying new projects. My favorite things What I want to do with this blog is share with […]... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope those of you who celebrate have a fabulous holiday surrounded by your loved ones! I don't really have much to say so I thought I'd share with you some old Christmas photos and maybe explain a little about some of them. Many of these photos are from Disney World. We... Continue Reading →

Mid-America Oireachtas 2017

I have not published a post in quite a long time. My plans are to post more often. I have a bunch of posts I've started to write, but haven't gotten around to finishing. Today I will be writing about the Mid-America Oireachtas (O-rock-tus), what it's all about and my experience from this year. What... Continue Reading →

Summer 2017

So, summer has long since gone and I am now almost a month into the school year. I had a pretty eventful summer and I wanted to reflect on all of the wonderful things I did. Of course most of my summer consisted of dance, but I had some other pretty amazing experiences as well.... Continue Reading →

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